Featured Projects

GAI Consultants offices

GAI Consultants

This project began as a shell space on the 6th floor of a seven floor building. Greer was asked to create a Class A office space out of this big open space. New HVAC equipment was installed as well as an expansion of the building’s energy management systems, allowing for remote monitoring. Specialty floor tiles were combined with carpet tiles, and vinyl composition tile to create unique flooring areas. Lighting and paint colors were used to accentuate the space in the offices, cubicles and conference rooms. The conference rooms are constructed with solid glass walls to allow natural light and visibility into each room. Each office is outfitted with 8’ tall full lite glass and wood stile doors.

Vascular Vein Edgewater offices

Vascular Vein Edgewater

Unique challenges surfaced with this project do in part from the fact that the building was built in the 1960s, with additional masonry and steel added later. The result was a sectioned interior that created a stifling flow. To create a more fluid and sensible interior space able to accommodate the tenants office administration staff, Greer Contracting needed to create new openings throughout the old masonry construction and then create exam room partitions with drywall. A mix of standard and specialty doors, radius soffits, radius reception counters/desk, specialty lighting fixtures, vinyl wood plank flooring and paint were used to match the tenant’s company color scheme. And finally a custom aluminum entry canopy was added with built in drain spouts to cover the area from the rear parking area to the customer entry.

Harriet's Bar

Harriett’s Bar at Shakespeare Theater

The existing snack and sitting area with in Orlando’s Shakespeare Theater was inaccessible and outdated. Greer Contracting re-designed the shape and layout of the concession/ticketing space to be versatile and accessible for the staff. Including versatility for the variety of special events frequently held in the common space. Flooring, millwork and lighting were all modernized creating a welcoming feel and an open floor plan for guests.